API Documentation for el-Print software

The program accepts print data in JSON format.
The WebSocket protocol is used to communicate between your application and el-Print.

API Url: ws://host:port/ws

host - domain or IP address specified in the program configuration.

port - port specified in the program configuration.


JSON structure:


"data": "...",
"category": "*",
"ext": "*",
"queue_end": "1"

data - data that is sent to the printer. The data must be base64 encoded. Optional parameter.

category - a category of documents. The data type is a string. The allowed characters are letters and numbers, underscore (_), and dash (-). Optional parameter. Read more on the program's configuration page.

ext - ext is File Extension. The file extension usually consists of 2-4 alphanumeric characters. Optional parameter. See the configuration page for more details.

queue_end - This parameter indicates the end of the print queue. If this parameter is "1", then the program will close the WebSocket connection. Optional parameter.



"Status": "...",
"Message": "...",

Status - can have one of two values success or error.

Message - a description of the response status.