Unleash the Power of Advanced Filters in Your Magento 2 Store


Managing an e-commerce store can be a complex task, but it becomes much smoother when you have the right tools at your disposal. One such tool that can transform the way you handle products, orders, invoices, and shipments is the advanced filtering system seamlessly integrated into our Magento 2 Ready-Made Admin Wizard extension. In this article, we will explore how advanced filters give you unparalleled control and flexibility over your e-commerce operations.

Understanding Advanced Filters

Advanced filters are a game-changer, enabling you to implement conditions that follow a logic similar to price rules. These filters are seamlessly integrated into your product, order, invoice, and shipment management processes, all included in our comprehensive Admin Wizard extension. They allow you to take a more granular and precise approach to managing your store's data.

Advanced Filters for Products

When applying conditions to product filters, your system evaluates specific criteria associated with individual products. These criteria can encompass a wide range of attributes, including price, category, availability, or any other relevant product information. By setting up conditions within the product filter, administrators can define specific rules that determine whether a product matches the given criteria or not. This powerful capability enables you to selectively display, hide, or manipulate products based on their attributes or properties.

Advanced Filters for Orders, Invoices, and Shipments

The magic of advanced filters doesn't stop at products. Conditions in order, invoice, or shipment filters operate on the characteristics of orders placed within your system. You can set up conditions based on order attributes like total value, payment method, shipping address, or any other relevant order details. By defining specific conditions within the order filter, you gain control over how the system handles orders that meet or do not meet the specified criteria. This empowers you to customize your order processing, such as applying discounts, selecting specific shipping methods, or triggering additional actions based on the order attributes.

The Power of Flexibility

Incorporating conditions within the product, order, invoice, and shipment filters grants administrators greater flexibility in managing products and processing orders. By leveraging this enhanced logic, you can precisely control the behavior of your system. You can tailor product displays to showcase what's most relevant to your customers, and you can customize the order fulfillment process to meet your unique requirements.


In the dynamic world of e-commerce, the ability to adapt and customize your operations is a significant advantage. With advanced filters in your Magento 2 store, included as part of our Admin Wizard extension, you have the tools you need to take control. You can ensure that your products are presented just the way you want, and you can process orders with unmatched precision. It's time to harness the power of advanced filters and elevate your e-commerce game.

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Advanced Product & Order filters

These filters are designed for an advanced search for products and orders with values that are not available in the default Magento filters.

  1. Go to Admin Main Menu -> Extmag -> AdminWizzard -> Order Grid Advanced Filters OR Product Grid Advanced Filters.
  2. Click Enabled
  3. You can disable default filters if you need.
  4. Go to Catalog > Products
  5. Open filters tab
  6. You have many unique filters that are not in the basic functionality
  7. Add filter
  8. Check result

In the orders grid, you have a lot of advanced filters